If I Could Show You How To GROW YOUR BUSINESS Having Fun Doing Out-Of-The-Ordinary Things That Create Extra-Ordinary Results With The Least Amount Of Effort And Lowest Cost, Would You Call Me…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Dr Marc Dussault

If you’re wondering what “Antimimeticisomorphic” means and rushed to check the dictionary, you’d be disappointed. It doesn’t exist! You’d have to Google 'antimimeticisomorphism' to find any reference to it and if you did, you’d find 500+ references all pointing to me because I invented the word. In fact I have an entire website dedicated to it!

Simply stated, antimimeticisomorphism is a derivative of mimetic isomorphism, a convoluted academic term that simply refers to the fact that, as industries mature, companies do the same things (mimetic) compete in similar ways (iso), becoming commodities in the process (morphism).

In everyday English, it means, ‘monkey see, monkey do’

That’s why most entrepreneurs are frustrated by their results.

That’s where I come in, with a new fresh perspective. I call it the Exponential Mindset™.

You may have heard the marketing gurus tell you that success requires you to “think outside the box”.

That in itself is a limiting belief. Why? Because you begin your thinking process with the premise that you are “boxed-in” and need to get out!

By creating boundaries, you subconsciously limit yourself and your thinking - and arrive at solutions that are stale and have been done to death.

Solutions arising from mimetic isomorphic thinking… that don’t bring you the exponential BREAKTHROUGH results you really want.

Now imagine you started looking for solutions with an open mind. Without boundaries…

I call it Boundless Opportunity Thinking™ that challenges old concepts and ideas, breaking down assumptions, firing up your imagination, and achieving breakthroughs as you determine your Next Best Step™, the next step on your way to Pathways To Profits™.

That’s Antimimeticisomorphic thinking: the thinking that helps you have fun doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort and lowest cost.

An Exponential Mindset™ means
having fun doing out-of-the-ordinary things
that create extra-ordinary results with the least
amount of effort and lowest cost.

… Like the restaurant owner who let customers decide on the price they were willing to pay… or even not pay if they didn’t like the food. An exponential strategy that had queues lining up at the restaurant every night, and sent profits soaring through the roof!

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Dominate Your Market, In Any Economy

It’s common knowledge that 6 out of 10 businesses close down or go bankrupt within the first 5 years. What is NOT so commonly known is that over 80% of these businesses failed simply because they had no clue about where they were going.

Maybe your business is different. Maybe you’ve got a stream of regular customers… generating a steady cash flow for your business. Which is great. For now!

What would you do if a new product or service emerged in the market and made yours obsolete?

Many business owners continue with business strategies they’ve been using for years. Hoping to see improved results. But are shocked when they eventually fail. Unaware that the strategies that got them to where they are today, are not the ones that will help them to achieve tomorrow’s goals.

In fact, Einstein said it best when he said “the thinking that got us to where we are is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be.”

Furthermore, he explained that “the thinking that created a problem is not the thinking needed to solve it!

Many businesses owners who have achieved remarkable success have paid a price, working long hours and taking few, if any, holidays. Many often become strangers to their loved ones.

With competition getting more aggressive and economic volatility increasing, dangerous patterns can lead to burnout and even major health complications.

Why working HALF as much can EASILY double your profits

Most business owners believe that working 60 to 70 hour week is a requirement to survive in the current economic climate. The more you work, the faster you grow and the more profitable your company becomes.

But does it really?

Or, has intense competition only squeezed profit margins?

This means you have to work harder to maintain your current market position… not to mention trying to double your profits.

One wrong move could have competitors snapping at your heels, ready to topple your business.

Could this happen to you?

Your competitors might work longer hours than you do. They might be smarter, or have more resources and cash.

Hopefully you are better than them on all counts, but let’s face it – If you have better STRATEGIES, you can out-perform anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Exponential Strategies For Massive Momentum

If your business is stuck in a rut that you want to climb out of or has just gone flat, your Next Best Step™ to unleash Rivers Of Revenue™ in your business is to join an exclusive group of business owners who are applying Exponential Mindset™ strategies to their businesses.

The secret to the success of my programs is a proven scientific system that will reveal solutions to problems you encounter on an on-going basis.

A system that you will be able to replicate again and again, however complex the challenge you are faced with.

A system that will teach you to develop an Exponential Mindset™… that will help you identify how your suspects and prospects view your business and create the value proposition you need to convert them into loyal customers.

As your business turns around, you will finally start to see how the exponential business-building strategies reward you by giving you the power to produce the results of an 80 hour workweek, working 40 hours or less. Giving you more time to spend with family and friends so you can live the life you always dreamed about.

Are You Really Hungry For Success?

If you’re seriously considering changing the way you run your business, then you’ve already learnt and applied the first strategy of an exponential thinker.

If you want to energise your business and dominate your market, you must learn strategies to ride out tough economic cycles, outsmart your competitors, convert prospects and prevent your profit margins from getting squeezed.

Having family and friends supporting your business goals is great. However, if you're really serious about taking your business to the next level, it's time to take your Next Best Step™ to get there.

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. Our programs will provide you with laser sharp tools to guide you through the twists and turns you face in your business every day.

So the real question is, “are you just hoping your business will grow on its own or are you really serious about taking action and making it happen this year?”

Unleash your Exponential Potential™

Think about your future. A future that’s free from worry. Every single day filled with infinite possibilities and new directions for your business.

Make a new start. Start now by browsing this website and have a look at my blogs that publish something new every single day and are now translated into 3 languages.

I am sure you’ll be amazed at what I can offer you.

My corporate site is where all 4 dimensions of Mastery are highlighted for you. Get yourself a cup of tea or hot mug of coffee – there are more than 2,000 pages of content at your disposal.

Onward and upward!

Marc Dussault
The World’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist

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They work in all industries, for businesses of all shapes and sizes…

As long as you take your Next Best Step™, adopt an Exponential Mindset™ that Unleashes Your Exponential Potential™ that creates more Pathways To Profits™ in your business or career.